Success Story of IL Customer – Geeta Rajesh Bhavsar

  • Customer Name – Geeta Rajesh Bhavsar
  • Location – Surat
  • Loan amount disbursed – 100,000/- and 150,000/- through individual loam model
  • Used for – Business and home renovation
  • Cycle-wise Loan Amount
Loan Cycle Loan Amount
1st 10000 (JLG)
2nd 15000 (JLG)
3rd 30000 (IL)
4th 35000 (IL)
5th 100000 (IL)
6th 150000 (IL Approved )

Story – Geetaben took her first JLG loan from Pahal in 2010 for an amount of Rs.10000/ for 12 months and repaid it regularly, on her Good repayment track record and on time payment, Pahal gave 1 more JLG loan for an amount of Rs. 15000/ which also she paid it on time.  When she took first JLG loan of Rs.10000/ she was running a small Tea Stall at her Home and she bought Gas Cylinder and Stove for making Tea. When she took 2nd JLG loan, she ventured into Bakery Items Business along with Tea Stall in the same shop and her income also went up to 10000 to 12000. Looking at her track record of JLG loan repayment, Pahal gave her individual loan (IL) of Rs.30000/ in 2013 for 12 Months and she bought Double Door Refrigerator to store Milk and other Perishable Products and at the same time, her Income also went up to around 20000. She took 2 more Individual Loans of Rs. 35000 in 2014 and Rs. 100000 in 2017. Geetaben met with an accident and as she has taken Rs.35000/ for medical emergency. In the year 2017 Geetaben bought her own House. She took a loan of Rs. 100000 for Renovation of the same House. Earlier her Husband Mr. Rajeshbhai works in Factory as Worker, in late 2015 he left his job and joined the Tea stall business as an added help was required due to the growing popularity. She applied for a Loan of Rs. 150000 to purchase the New House, which was under Process. Due to Geetaben and her husband’s joint efforts they planned to buy a New Home. Geetaben is having a family of 4 (Husband, Son, and Brother in Law) and all are earning members. She also gave good education to her Son. Overall, the family has benefited from her business.