Pahal collaborates with M-SWASTH to set up E-clinics in its branches

The healthcare system, in general, has huge fragmentation. The topic of who has access to healthcare is a major one. Others who have money have access to the best possible care, while those who do not are left in the lurch. This gap is enormous and is wider when it comes to rural India.

With an aim to provide accessible and affordable Digital Healthcare facilities in rural India, Pahal has collaborated with M-SWASTH to set up e-clinics in its branches. Since January’22, Pahal has already launched 11 E-clinics to serve the population of the villages in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Since inception we have already done close to 3000+ consultations with around 83% consultations been opted by Pahal customers.

E-clinics are specially designed small kiosks that are equipped with a tablet or laptop for a video consultation with a doctor as well as medical equipment for a basic vitals check-up including Temperature, Blood

Pressure, Weight, Blood Sugar, Blood Count, etc. It is a simple and easy approach to get medical treatment that’s affordable, quick, and reaches out to rural areas. The customer and her entire family members can take advantage of the facility.

The E-clinics are operated by trained workers and dedicated staff is stationed at each E-clinic. Pahal will also be creating awareness of the facility.

Through this initiative Pahal aims to provide the most advanced and digital health facilities to its customers and create more health awareness.

Pahal Health & Insurance Report – Jan’23