Success Story of SL Customer – Yogeshkumar Natvarsinh Raj

  • Customer Name – Yogeshkumar Natvarsinh Raj
  • Location – Borsad
  • Loan amount disbursed – 1,95,000 /-
  • Used for – getting a 3 Wheeler

Story – Our customer Yogeshkumar Natvarsinh Raj, lives in a small village Nisraya near to Borsad town which is 3 km away with his family and there are 5 family members in his house. Yogeshkumar has completed his education till the 10th a grade only. He could not pursue his studies further as his father passed away and at a very young age he had to take the responsibility of his family as he and his elder brother were their only hope for survival. In order to get better opportunity to earn a source of income his elder brother they shifted to Baroda, but he stay at village to support his family members. He too started looking for work and did odd jobs and he was started his job as laborer at a local pipe manufacturing company at the age of 17. There he earned a lot of recognition and trust from his owner due to his learning skill and performance, and hence in the bargain learned like accounting, transportation, customer management, etc. from his owner. After all these years of working he managed to save some money wherein, he bought a second hand loading 3 wheeler and learned how to drive and used it to generate a an additional source of income. Within a year he managed to purchase a new vehicle which he bought through Pahal’s Secured Loan – 3 wheeler loan in exchange of his old vehicle with dealer and took a New Atul Shakti loading vehicle. After getting the new vehicle his income increased and he started making Rs.1200 per day which he further invested in the cattle business. He now has total 3 cattle and he earns an additional income of approx. Rs.500 per day by selling milk and he is also manage the farm on giro basis for cattle food. Mr. Yogeshkumar developed his banking knowledge he is clear with each and every process and does with cheque through the NACH. When we interacted with him when had come in contact with us for the purpose of loan we had also educated him about CIBIL and its importance and other financial benefits to maintain the regular loan account. He is now able to support his family in an efficient way.