Standford SEED Program

Pahal’s top management successfully accomplished Standford’s Seed Transformation Program (STP). The program is designed specifically for business owners and members of their senior management team.

This online program is led by Stanford GSB faculty, local experts, and supported by Stanford-trained advisors. The ultimate goal of the program was to create and activate a detailed action plan to help and grow the business for maximum impact.

The year-long program encouraged the management to work in small groups, facilitated peer groups called Leadership Labs to share experiences, resources, ideas, and support. Under the leadership of Managing Director – Ms. Purvi Bhavsar & Mr. Kartik Mehta, the management exploited opportunities that boosted their leadership skills to another notch. The program also developed skills, tools, and mindset to grow and scale the business and positively impact the community which Pahal’s caters to.