Success Story of JLG Customer – Surekhben Ganpatbhai Raval

  • Customer Name – Surekhben Ganpatbhai Raval
  • Location – Malan Ta-Palanpur Dist- BK)
  • Loan amount disbursed – 41000/-  JLG
  • Used for – Small Parlour
  • Which cycle of Customer – 3rd
  • Cycle-wise Loan Amount –  1st – 15000/-  JLG,  2nd – 30000/- JLG, 3rd – 41000/- JLG

Story – Surekhaben Ganpatbhai Raval was going through turbulent times and she decided it was time to become independent to support the family. The difficulty was what she could do to have a source of income as she barely knew other work except for the daily house chores. She thought of various ways but always reached a dead end. This was when she heard about loans being given to women by Pahal Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. through the Joint Liability Group Concept. She was hesitant at first as many rumours made rounds about such loans. Still she went with her instincts and attended the meeting with the other women for the Group Loan. She was convinced that this was the right solution to her problems and got herself the loan against all odds. In her first cycle she borrowed 15000 and bought a small rented shop space and some items for sale and got her business started. Immediately within a few days the demand of supplies increased so much that now she has a big cabin with the much more products in it. She is really very happy with our company and also the loan product. The impact of this triumph of hers was recognised by her family and all others. They were the ones who once questioned her abilities and decisions and always felt women like her are better off at taking care of household responsibilities only, but with the budding small business of hers now respect her for the judgement she made. Her determination got her to not only become self independent but she is now able to fund her children’s education, pay monthly bills and EMIs as well as support her husband financially. She thanks god and Pahal Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. for giving wings to her small venture.