Success Story of JLG Customer – Lilaben Ajmalji Thakor

  • Customer Name – Lilaben Ajmalji Thakor
  • Location – Visnagar
  • Loan amount disbursed – 20000/-  and 46000/-
  • Used for – Cattle Loan
  • Which cycle of Customer – 2nd
  • Cycle-wise Loan Amount –  1st – 20000/- and 2nd – 46000/- JLG

Story – Lilaben lives in Visnagar and belongs to a very poor family. Her husband was the only earning person in the house and due to this, they were barely able to meet the ends with the meager income. They always had to face some or the other challenge due to deficiency of money and many times both the husband and wife made compromises for many things which created a lot of unhappiness. Lilaben would stay up nights worrying for what future holds for them and how would they survive. Many times she thought of doing some work but unfortunately, she was bound to her household responsibilities. One day she was sitting with her neighbours when the Pahal Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. personnel paid visit in her area and spoke to them about his purpose of visit. He called for all the neighbourhood women and started to talk to about the Loans being offered through the Joint Liability Group concept. Being warned to not participate in such sessions she opted out right away, but her neighbour insisted she sat through to just listen. Once, she got to know about the systematic way of applying for the loan to its payment and repayment she thought to give it a shot; and little did she know taking this loan would do wonders in her family’s lives. She cattle with the loan amount and start her business from there. She realised that the demand of milk in her area was quite high and she went ahead for the second loan upon completion of her 1st loan to get more cattle. Her efforts and hard work paid off and overnight this concept became a great success. Seeing her being becoming independent her husband felt relieved as now they were two of them running the monthly errands. Their children could now get a good education and with this constant income, their futures became secured. Looking at her success now many women have started to take inspiration from.