Success Story of IL Customer – Hansaben Budha Prajapati

  • Customer Name – Hansaben Budha Prajapati
  • Location – Ahmedabad
  • Loan amount disbursed – 100,000/- and 200,000/- through individual loam model
  • Used for – Business (Lath Machines)
  • Cycle-wise Loan Amount
Loan Cycle Loan Amount
1st 5000 (JLG)
2nd 12000 (JLG)
3rd 15000 (JLG)
4th 25000 (JLG)
5th 150000 (IL)
6th 200000(IL)

Story – Hansaben took her first JLG loan from Pahal in March – 2010 for an amount of Rs.5000/ for 12 months and repaid it regularly. For her strong repayment track record and on time payment, Pahal gave her 3 more JLG loans of the amount of Rs. 12000/, 15000/ and 25000/ and even in next 3 cycles, she paid the EMIs on time. When she took her first JLG loan of Rs.5000/ she was running a small STD/PCO shop. When she took the 2nd loan of Rs. 12000/ she bought a sewing machine and started stitching classes with 5 students and she started earning around Rs.3000/ per month. When she took 3rd and 4th JLG loan, she ventured into cutlery business in the same shop and her income also went up to 7000 to 8000. Looking at her track record of JLG loan repayment, Pahal gave her individual loan of Rs.150000/ in February 2016. Hansaben then invested Rs.50000/ in cutlery business and bought 3 lath machines for her husband (who is a skilled operator of lath machine) and started job work for local companies. Which resulted in family income going up by another 15000 to 20000. Again due to her discipline repayment of an individual loan of Rs.150000/, Hansaben got eligible for a higher amount of Individual loan of Rs.200000/ which she got in 2018. She utilized 2 lacs in buying more lath machines and partly she invested in her cutlery business. Hansaben is having a family of 4 (husband, Son, and daughter) and all are earning members. She has not only expanded her cutlery business but also utilized money to establish a new business for her husband who is a skilled operator of a lath She also gave good education to her children’s and also renovated her house through the income she generated from loans taken on a regular basis. Overall, the family benefited not only in establishing a business but also managed to grow socially in the last 9 years.