IL – Dharmishtha Dharmesh Patel

  • Customer Name – Dharmishtha Dharmesh Patel
  • Location – Surat
  • Loan amount disbursed – 100,000/- through individual loam model
  • Used for – Business and House renovation
  • Cycle-wise Loan Amount
Loan Cycle Loan Amount
1st 5000 (JLG)
2nd 10000 (JLG)
3rd 15000 (JLG)
4th 20000 (JLG)
5th 30000 (IL)
6th 40000 (IL)
7th 50000 (IL)
8th 60000 (IL)
9th 100000 (IL)

Story – Dharmisthaben took her first JLG loan from Pahal in 2009 for an amount of Rs. 5000/-. She took this loan for Flooring of her House.  In 2010, she took another amount of Rs.10000/ for 12 months which she repaid it regularly. Pahal further gave her 2 more JLG loans of amount Rs. 15000/ and 20000/ in next 2 cycles which also she paid it on time. She used the 3rd loan amount in order to start her husband’s business of Vegetable selling that had run down due financial issues. She bought a DJ speaker by taking 4th JLG loan of Rs. 20000 which she give on Rent and earned an income. Looking at her track record of JLG loan repayment, Pahal gave her an individual loan (IL) of Rs.30000/ in 2013 for 12 Months from which she bought a Wooden Trailer which was used in Ganesh Sthapana, She give the same on Rent for that 11 Days and earn Income. Due to her Strong repayment History, Pahal gave her 4 more IL loan for an amount of Rs. 40000, Rs. 50000/, 60000/ and 100000/ in next 4 cycle. Currently, Client Earn around Rs.40000 to Rs. 45000 per Month. She brought Generator from her 2nd IL loan i.e. Rs. 40000/ for the use of DJ. She periodically renovate her House by taking Loan of Rs. 50000 /, 60000/ and Rs. 100000. Her Husband Mr. Rajeshbhai having business of Vegetable selling in retail and wholesale, which is running very smoothly. Dharmisthaben is having a family of 4 (Mother, Husband, and Daughter) her daughter is student. Entire Family is very well settled by availing Loan by Pahal.