Success Story of JLG Customer with Consumer Product – Bharati Mahesh Chawal

  • Customer Name – Bharati Mahesh Chawla
  • Location – Sajjan Nagar, Udaipur
  • Loan amount disbursed – 28000/-
  • Used for – Business and Sunking Light
  • Which cycle of Customer – 1st
  • Cycle-wise Loan Amount –  1st – 28000/-

Story – Bharati Chawla and her husband would do odd jobs and make a living and it would always cause some form scarcity of funds when an emergency would arrive or they would have source money from the open market from money lenders to fulfil certain responsibilities. They came to know about Pahal and immediately reached out for the loan application. The whole process for them was very new but they were keen to know all its details. To their surprise the company offer Hospicash which would come handy in case of sickness as well as the Consumer products got their attention. They worked out various plans so that they could benefit maximum from the loan they borrowed. They decided to become fruit and vegetable vendors and bought a cart and the raw material to kick-start their business. The consumer product was the next thing they has smartly bought the Sunking Light which would allow them to sell in the evenings. They started to earn a sensible amount of income in which they are able to repay their loan borrowed, pay for the monthly expenses as well as save a good amount for themselves. They feel that Pahal came to them when they had least expected life to show some ray of hope. Bharati and her husband now run their business and their lives very happily and credit Pahal for having such variety for financial products to offer to people whole live below the poverty line.