Success Story of JLG Customer – Anitaben Patel

  • Customer Name – Anitaben Patel
  • Location – Chikli
  • Loan amount disbursed – 26000/-
  • Used for – Buying Cattle
  • Which cycle of Customer – 1st
  • Cycle-wise Loan Amount –  1st – 26000/-

Story – Anitaben Patel is a typical homemaker and would always ensure the comfort of her family members. Her priority was to ensure that her loved ones would get taken care off by her. Life had been usual until she came across some personal challenge which made her look for various sources of money lending. The money lenders whom she met asked hefty interests and did not give any information when to return the principal amount. She was now left to go to the bank but this again was a futile exercise for her. That is when someone suggested that she rare cattle and sell their milk and make some money. Though this was not a great solution to her problems it seemed to be far from her aspirations if she wanted to do something on her own. Now the challenge was to get cattle and again for that she needed money. Once again she reached a dead end. One day she was sitting after finishing the house chores she remembered about the group meeting she sat through once. She immediately reached out to Pahal Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. for understanding the loan process again. Having done that she immediately became part of the group in her area and followed each and every step to attain her loan. She was in her first cycle of the loan and the amount was sufficient to get her cattle. The milk business took off and the financial issues soon started to get solved. It was the work she could do without having to miss out on her daily chores and it even helped her support her family members in many instances. Her success led her to greater avenues wherein she now has her own shed with many more cattle to rare.